November 2015

Second Meeting of the Women of the Ceibo Alliance

The second meeting of the Women of the Ceibo Alliance held at Sacha Warmi Center from the 21st to the 23rd of November, 2015. It was the women’s first visit and as part of our programs and mission, we taught, we learned, we shared and addressed different health related traditional knowledge in a modern context. They visited Sacha Warmi Center’s food, medicinal and biocultural gardens and facilities and assessed development programs the Women Group has undertaken or wishes to create. Carlota, a Kichwa apamama (elder) from Canelos taught the ancestral knowledge of ceramic production and art. We identified many medicinal plants and shared our common knowledge on their uses. Rosa demonstrated how to craft various remedies, while some waorani women taught the weaving of bracelets and shigras (woven bags) from the chambira palm tree fibers. The spirit of reciprocity was very present throughout their visit. We all developed a strong sense of gratefulness and hope in the face of their appreciation and strength. We decided to further develop our relationship.

Workshop with women from Ceibo Alliance , during the development of natural remedies and manufacture of ceramic in Center Sacha Warmi

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