June - August 2016

August 2016

The program on Women, Family and territory was on August 12th at the Sacha Warmi Center.

It was the first encounter with selected elders to share their knowledge and experiences within the framework of the project (possibilities of development from the culture with Intercultural Vision). The event allowed the representatives of Canelos, Arajuno and San Jacinto to meet and exchange ideas and suggestions on how to conduct the forthcoming meetings with young women, to be performed from September 2016 until April 2017. On August 20th, thirty young women were selected to participate in these next few meetings.

Participants during the meeting of Seniors and CSW’s members

Support for the draft of the ASOTEXKICH in Arajuno.

Textile Association Kichwa of Arajuno seeks the support of people who can help carry out research regarding the creation of a brand name for apparel that would contribute to the strengthening of cultural identity. Any of those interested can communicate with us.

July 2016

The project on strengthening the Traditional Medicine of the People Siekopai.

With continuity to the first discussions initiated with the Program of practices of the Organization Alliance Ceibo (Lake Agrío), the first meeting with the members of the community of Sewaya Siekopai was arranged to discuss the proposal of Columbus and Fanny Piaguaje on the recovery and strengthening of their own medicine, in the framework of the interculturality. We salute Cesario Piaguaje who has dedicated his life to serve his people with his own medicine.

Colon y Fanny Piaguaje in the Seyawa’s community

Returning from the Rio Aguarico, we saluted to Cesario Piaguaje, one of seniors Siekopai who’s dedicated his life to serve his people with his own medecine

Cesaria Piaguaje


On July 20th, Julianne Hazlewood, Director of the program "Alliance for Indigenous Solidarity" , an American NGO, visited SWC accompanied by the anthropologist Stefano Varese and a group of his American students.

From left to right, Didier, Julianne and Stefano


On July 30th Loélia Mengin said goodbye after a stay of 4 months at the Sacha Warmi Center, during his time here he worked with the children and teachers of three schools; San Francisco, Isidro Ayora and San Eusebio.
Thank you Loélia, for your dedication to the children and the contributions it has made to the Sacha Warmi Center.

Children of Isidro Ayora’s school during the going of Loélia

June 2016


On June 23, twenty-eight students from 6th A of the First of May School, in Puyo, along with their teacher, Mr. Oswaldo Salán and parents, visited the Sacha Warmi Center. We participated in various educational activities, games, audio/visual projections and talks and ended the day with a delicious barbecue.

Children participating in the “Treasure Hunt” at the SWC

On June 27, we were honored with a visit to the Sacha Warmi Center by Norman Whitten, professor of anthropology at the University of Illinois (USA). Professor Whitten graciously donated the book "Rain Forest Visions - Amazonian Ceramics from Ecuador" for the Center’s library.

Norman Whitten, Rosa Canelos (right) y Diana Tanguila (left)

Presentations in California (USA)

Between the 5th and 17th of June, Didier was invited to travel to California and make several presentations on the progress of the Sacha Warmi Center. This invitation allowed Didier to find and exchange with representatives of various NGOs and institutions that promote and support issues of bio-cultural conservation; including Amazon Watch, Cultural Conservancy, and Bioneers.

Environmental Education and Intercultural Program

With the end of school year 2015-2016, the Center has created educational games and activities with the theme of Environmental Education and Intercultural health. A proposal was also created, to present to financial institutions, to expand the development of this program in other educational districts in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

A girl from the San Francisco with a Sore Throat Medicinal Syrup

Women, Family, and Territory Program

CEP-Nimble Fund (Ecuador) and the Sacred Fire Foundation (USA) approved the draft submitted by the SWC in May. The project, titled "Methods of Development from the own culture with Intercultural Vision", invites older women and young women from Canelos , Arajuno and Tena to participate in a series meetings to promote the revival of traditional knowledge and practices around health issues, art, and oral tradition.

Female gathering discussing how to cultivate a “chacra” or garden


From June 30th to July 10th medical students from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) conducted an internship at the SWC. Their goal was to discover strategies and activities that they can implement in the formal health system, under the Model of Comprehensive Care Family, Community and Intercultural health (MAIS - FCI). The goal of these models is to promote multiculturalism through its operating units. They met with representatives of the Health Centers in Canelos, Mushullacta, and Puyo; as well as the Indigenous Regional Hospital and other representatives of the Ministry of Public Health in the province of Pastaza.


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