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Unión Venecia

Thanks to the initiative of Jeremias Tapuy who works with the ministry of health, as a technician in primary care (TAPS), the 12th of September we met with a group of kichwa from the community of Union Venencia, in the province of Napo, to discuss with them the proposal of reassessing the importance of their traditional medicine system.
This initiative is embedded within a larger project to strengthen traditional medicine and to create more capacity within the indigenous communities that Sacha Warmi works with to reach a genuine interculturality in health.

Members of the Kichwa community of Union Venecia, at the end of a gathering in their community medicinal plant garden.

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  • Dominik Scheu, for the warm welcome in Zürich (Switzerland) last July and his support for joining together a group of people who will be financially supporting SWM from Switzerland.
  • Thomas Bouchet, (France) for his support in the actualization of our webpage and his commitment to continue supporting us, as well Roberto Weisz, for his support in the English translations.
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May 2017

Internship by three medical students from Switzerland.

Alessia, Chiara, and Clara are third year students in medicine at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). They did an internship with Sacha Warmi Muskuy from May 15 to June 7, in order to observe how the Ecuadorian public health system is integrating interculturality in the services it offers to the public.

The students had the opportunity to spend approximately 10 days in the health center in Canelos, to visit and interview with the staff at the Health Center of Arajuno, as well as the Puyo Regional Hospital.

Some of the results of their observations and the data collected in the course of their internship were taken into account for the presentation of the first report to the Public Health Ministry regarding the progress of the Intercultural Health Initiative which has come to an end over the past six months.


Interview with the Director of the Arajuno Health Center about the “cultural delivery”

Inter-cultural Health Initiative

How far away… is intercultural health?! This is the title of the presentation by Didier at the Congress of Natural Medicine organized by the CYRAE
(Yachac Council of the Ecuadorian Amazonian Region) this past April. As can be seen in the attached document, much is still missing, from each side, in accomplishing a coming together between Western medicine and traditional medicine which might allow for a real dialogue and meeting between both forms of medicine… Read more.

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