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Organigrama del proyecto Sacha Warmi Muskuy

Education/ Training
• Intercultural Health Facilitators – 1 year course.
• Medicinal plants cultivation and herbal making medicine.
• Cultural Sensitization – for health professionals.

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Acercamiento entre medicina tradicional y medicina occidental

Drawing traditional and western medicine closer.

Economy/ Conservation
• Reforestation of useful species with an economic value – programme especially directed toward women.
• Extraction of essential oils and floral waters, and elaboration of natural products.

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Reactivar los sistemas de transmisión de conocimientos

Information/ Promotion
• Community Video Programme”, directed especially toward young people
• Educational and pedagogical materials. (Information on medicinal plants, traditional healing practices, conservation of natural resources and many other themes)
• Guided visit around the project.

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Interrelación armoniosa entre indígenas y no-indígenas

Harmonious Interrelations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous

Research/ Renewal
• Intercultural or socio-cultural epidemiology.
• Design of Intercultural Health Programmes.

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