September - December 2016

We are now "Project Sacha Warmi Muskuy"

After carrying out the discussions with the participants who are part of the program Woman, Family, and Territory, we agreed to change the name of “Center Sacha Warmi” to “Sacha Warmi Muskuy”(The Dream of Sacha Warmi). This is the reason for the change of the letterhead that now appears in our webpage.
Sacha Warmi Muskuy - Culture, Health and Nature.

Visit by French osteopaths

Can alternative and complementary medicine contribute to the strengthening of traditional medicine and the betterment of indigenous health? Every year, between October and November, a small group of French osteopaths visits Ecuador to bring free services to the local populations. This year two distinct groups served more than 75 people, in the communities of Canelos, San Jacinto, Arajuno and at the headquarters of Sacha Warmi Muskuy. Next year they will offer introductory workshops for people who are interested in acquiring some simple osteopathic techniques. In this way we are searching for some answers to the initial question, to know if the alternative and complementary medicines, for example osteopathy, can support or contribute to the strengthening and development of traditional indigenous medicines.


International support for the project Sacha Warmi Muskuy in Florida (USA)

On October 22, thanks to the support of the organization "Friends of Sacha Warmi” (USA) an event was presented in the city of Atlantic Beach (Florida, USA) for the dissemination of information and to search for financial support for the project Sacha Warmi Muskuy. We would like to express our gratitude to our friend Woody Winfree for her special dedication in organizing this successful event.

Program Woman, Family and Territory

During the days of 29 – 30 October the second Meeting of Women in San Jacinto
was conducted. Our friend Ernestina Vargas, traveled from Canelos to share her knowledge and experience in the production of ceramics. (see photo) The event included other activities, such as the production of baskets, the production of natural remedies and the preparation of the soil for the seeding of vegetables. During the two days of the meeting, Michael and Chloe, the two young French osteopaths, provided services to more than 50 patients (see photo).





During the days of November 5 and 6, the second meeting of the group from Arajuno took place in the headquarters of Sacha Warmi Muskuy. During these two days the participants practiced the production of natural remedies as part of a transfer of techniques that is being realized at the initiative of Florasana. (see photo) At the same time there were demonstrations of the production of natural fertilizers such as BIOL and microorganisms for the regeneration of depleted soils. (see photo)



During the days of November 12 and 13 the third meeting of the women’group from Canelos took place. During this meeting it was decided to begin to address the theme of mental health, considering the high incidence of suicide that has been registered in this community during the last few years. We invited the psychologist Maria Guadalupe Alcazar to facilitate a first exposure to this complex and delicate situation, which in a large way is determined by a series of economic and socio–cultural factors, which are common to many other indigenous populations in the Amazon basin. (See photo)



Project Proposal: “Health and Interculturalism in the Amazon”

On October 20, received a favorable response from the Viceministry of Health Planning and Management to the proposal for the project “Health and Interculturalism in the Amazon”, submitted at the end of September. The project Sacha Warmi Muskuy proposes to facilitate a process of dialogue, an approach and interaction between the indigenous traditional medicines and the conventional system of Western medicine in some communities where favorable conditions exist. It was decided to work in three distinct locations: Canelos and Arajuno in the province of Pastaza, and San Pablo, by the river Aguarico, in the province of Sucumbios. The health ministry will create linkages with the designated zones and districts for the realization of the activities prescribed in this project.

Construction of a meeting and reunion space at Sacha Warmi Muskuy

Thanks to the support from the Riverstyx Foundation from the USA, a space or classroom of 10 x 5 meters for workshops, reunions or meetings at the headquarters of Sacha Warmi Muskuy. A roof made of palm leaves allows the maintenance of a fresh space and diminishes the noise, facilitating the progress of reunions and meetings. The space was inaugurated for the meeting of the group from San Jacinto on November 19.


Strengthening Siekopai medicine in Sewaya

How to revive and strengthen indigenous traditional medicine? What to do for people and families to continue use medicinal plants to maintain and restore health? How to promote a more successful use of Western medicine? How to share our resources and knowledge, on the basis of respect, protection and reciprocity? These are some of the issues being discussed with the group of Siekopai people around in this project in the village of Sewaya.

Rivaldo Piaguaje filming the construction of the medicinal garden in Sewaya


On October 7, 8, and 9th the Sewaya group visited the Sacha Warmi Muskuy to share knowledge on the production of organic fertilizers and the making of improved natural remedies; Also they had the opportunity to exchange knowledge with Kichwa women from the village of Canelos on the traditional making of ceramics.

Women, Family and Territory Program

September 17-18th. The first encounter was held in the community of San Jacinto, in the province of Napo, where issues on health and traditional medicine, food production, and traditional arts were addressed.

October 1st and 2nd, the first meeting that was held in the village of Arajuno

The older women demonstrated the ritual of planting cassava.

On October 2nd and 3rd, in support of the Women, Family and Territory program, a group of three French osteopaths provided care to 25 people in the community of Canelos. A second group of French osteopaths will offer its voluntarily services in late October at the Sacha Warmi Center in Canelos and San Jacinto, during the second meeting of women.


Program Women, Family and Territory

On September 3rd and 4th the first meeting of the Women of Canelos was performed. During the first day, older women shared their knowledge on the development of traditional ceramic art with young women who want to perfect this ancient practice and identify them as belonging to the Kichwa Canelos People.

The pottery house, facing the mud

The first steps of tissue with clay

With a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere, throughout the day and much of the night, the women were getting up at 4 am to take guayusa tea and continue their practices, developing more than 40 ceramic pieces.


The current health situation was one of the issues addressed by the women. During the meeting; they discussed various problems that exist in their community and the various factors influencing this situation. The discussion was between environmental degradation, loss of important resources, and socio-cultural changes induced by external pressures of various natures, including the adoption of forms and models of development in Western society.

Magaly Cuji discussig the issue of health.

The actual situation of production and current resources around food and nutrition were also discussed during this first meeting. We visited the garden of Carlos Vargas, reminding the various traditional practices related to planting and harvesting.



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