Advisory Council

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Miguel Alexiades, Ph.D.
School of Anthropology and Conservation
University of Kent – UK.
Email: malexiades at

“Sacha Warmi Muskuy was born from a unique life experience and a remarkable dedication from Didier Lacaze to address the inter-relational aspects of health and wellbeing in Amazonia, traditional medicine, and the relationship between society and the environment. The strategic position of the Sacha Warmi Muskuy, its aim and ethics reflect a deep engagement and a sophisticated understanding of the challenges and opportunities of cultural exchange and dialogue, as a process through which we can generate new forms of knowledge, abilities and teaching necessary to confront the urgent socio-environmental crisis in today’s multicultural and post-colonial Amazonia.”

Leti Viteri Gualinga. MD.
Medical doctor – Pastaza Kichwa Nation
Email: witirosa at

“Sacha Warmi Muskuy is an opportunity for the indigenous and non-indigenous populations to access new ways of addressing issues of health. This is about re-creating, re-learning, and remembering what is already in our memory… This is the medicine of the future… Sacha Warmi Muskuy is a project with a vision of humanity; a place where this vision is being created.”

Daniela Peluso. Ph.D.
Social Anthropologist
University of Kent – UK
Email : D.Peluso at

“I am very pleased to be associated with the Sacha Warmi Muskuy, for its long and constant commitment to the local communities shows a deep comprehension of the challenges faced by indigenous populations today. Its founder, Didier Lacaze, has a long and positive history of supporting the restoration and consolidation of traditional health practices and education in Amazonia. I am too familiar with big-scale projects that develop a complex bureaucracy, and as a result require constant maintenance and support. I am convinced that the Sacha Warmi Muskuy uses its knowledge and its resources to have a sustainable impact.”

Soc. Kati Álvarez M
MSc. in Social Sciences / with mention in Anthropology Doctorate in Andean Amazonian History Universidad Flacso – Quito
Email: kalvarez at

“Through its challenges and knowledgeable contributions, the Sacha Warmi Muskuy is searching for the confluence between the recognition and reconstruction of Ecuador as a pluri-national and multicultural country within the field of health.

Robert Weisz, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist
Director of the Hypnotherapy and Brainspotting Clinic and Director of the Milton Erickson Clinical Hypnosis and Behavioural Sciences Institute of New Mexico (USA).
Email: robert.weisz1 at

The Sacha Warmi Muskuy is a place, a project and a vision regarding the traditional relationship between human beings, plants and healing.
The indigenous tradition of maintaining a deep connection with nature and a conscious and skilled relationship with medicinal plants is quickly disappearing in Amazonia.
Sacha Warmi is an effort to revive and renew the traditional model of sustainable use of medicinal resources for the health of Amazonian populations.
Sacha Warmi is a model and a resource for indigenous populations, for healers, for herbalists, and for all those who wish to learn how to live and work with natural remedies, which are our gift and legacy from nature.
Sacha Warmi represents an organic model, sustainable and sustentable to restore and improve the traditional way we address well-being and maintain health among Amazonian indigenous people.

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