Essential Oils and Floral Waters Extraction

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This project started its activities in 2012, with the donation of small distillation equipment by a group of people interested in the project. Its aim is to show the therapeutically usefulness of essential oils for community pharmacies in the treatment of various illnesses. The floral waters can be used for the elaboration of various products with an economic potential such as hydrolats, creams, soaps, shampoo and others. We have donated some equipment to associated groups, communities and education institutions, such as the Centro Educativo Amauta Ñampi (Puyo), Instituto Pedagógico Intercultural Bilingüe Canelos (Canelos), Comunidad Rio Blanco (Napo), Comunidad 27 de Febrero (Napo), Comunidad Shiripuno (Napo).

The project receives the support of Massimo Corbara (Italy), who came to donate the distillation equipment and has participated in training sessions such as pruning techniques for fruit trees.

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SWM produces some essential oils, particularly citronella and eucaliptus, as well as a mixture of floral waters or hydrolats, which are sold to support the centre’s economic autonomy.

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