Indigenous Participation / Mingas

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As a centre for information and promotion, SWM is open to all the public interested in themes of health, traditional medicine and interculturality. Indigenous and non-indigenous people can access the library and video collection of SWM. There are no costs involved as this is a service offered to the community as a whole.
Neighbouring communities regularly participate in the mingas organised at SWM. The goal of these mingas is above all to spread a better awareness and understanding of what the project offers, and to generate interest among the people who wish to acquire greater knowledge and experience through the various education and training activities offered at the centre.

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During the mingas, a diverse range of activities are held such as the extraction of essential oils and floral waters, or the preparation of natural remedies. The participants can also receive a health consultation, help and advice, and bring medicinal plant seedlings or seeds back to their homes.
SWM maintains contact with various education centres of the region, such as the Amauta Ñampi in Puyo and the Pedagógico Intercultural Bilingüe of Canelos.

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