Reforestation of Species with an Economic Value

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This programme consists of conversing with indigenous women to encourage them to plant useful species with an economic value in their gardens. When the gardens stop producing food products, such as yucca or plantain, among others, after 2 or 3 years, these other perennial species that were introduced will start producing. These plants include, for example, guayusa, ajo de monte, sarsaparilla, uña de gato, sangre de drago, ungurahua and more. These can represent an additional financial revenue of medium value.
Sacha Warmi Muskuy helps women to know and apply ways of propagating the plant species mentioned above, and how to give them the care they need during the first year after sowing. SWM also provides the necessary seedlings and offers support and supervision, depending on the demand.
This project started five years ago and was trailed in Carlota Vargas’s garden, a women from the Kichwa community of Canelos. She now harvests and commercialises various species which insure her with an additional economic revenue of about 50 to 70 dollars a month.

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